A New Beginning

It’s a crazy world. Make sure we make the most of what we have. 


I’ll start by telling you a few things about me. I am not anonymous because I am ashamed of who I am or because I am afraid of what people will think, I feel for now revealing my identity would be wrong for me, but maybe in time.

 I am, in truth, just another average 22 year old girl and aspire to help others as I have been helped myself. This could be amazing or I could fall flat on my face, but I am here and I am ready. 

I was always good at English in school, writing fiction stories were my escape and I loved my imagination taking me away to my fantasy and escaping reality just for that moment. It’s time to start a new chapter and start facing reality. I want to share my real life with you whether it be good times, sad, crazy or just down right stupid! 

This may not be a big deal to others but for me it’s exiting. A step to A New Beginning. 

For now I will leave this Blog as my first and just let you know I am here and I can not wait to start this journey. 

          Girl accessable, signing off